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The Big Issue With Next Gen Games Consoles No-One Mentions

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One of the biggest selling points of the upcoming console generation is that the systems will be able to run your games at 120 FPS. This is great because it will allow games to look and feel more fluid. However, there's one big thing that both the manufacturers and the consumers seem to be forgetting: most people simply don't have TVs capable of hitting 120 FPS.

120hz TVs are still very expensive, and not many people have them in their homes. Many TVs that claim to be capable of 120hz are actually only 60hz, and simply simulate 120hz. This means that a lot of people who might think their TVs can view 120 FPS content are actually mistaken.

By focusing so much on achieving 120 frames per second, Xbox and Playstation are both alienating a large portion of consumers. The consoles will be more expensive because of something that most gamers won't even be able to see the benefits of. Until real 120hz TVs are more commonly owned, the manufacturers are wasting their time and resources that they could be putting towards features that more of their consumers will actually get to use.

120 FPS should be something that is offered in the Pro models of the consoles that will inevitably come out in a few years, not the base models that all gamers will be using. It's a highly appealing feature, and it would help to boost sales among the demographic that would be interesting in purchasing the Pro models. By including it in the base models, the manufacturers are also robbing themselves of something that would be very marketable about the Pro models they will be releasing in no time at all.

Most gamers will not be able to notice any benefit from the consoles being capable of 120 FPS content. Many gamers will likely hold off on purchasing the console, and many of these people would actually buy them at launch if the manufacturers had focused on features that benefit a wider array of consumers.