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HD ports, remasters and remakes have been becoming increasingly popular in the video game industry for a while now.

For many players they provide an opportunity to play their favourite classics with greater clarity, or experience them as the creators originally envisioned. For others, it's a worrying sign that the industry is running out of ideas, and such nostalgia trips hark back to a time before modern gaming practices were as staid and exploitative as they are now.

Some of these shiny new updates have been met with acclaim, with Ōkami and Shadow Of The Colossus earning well-deserved success after initially flying under the radar. Fully fledged remakes such as Resident Evil 2 and the upcoming Final Fantasy VII have allowed creators to expand upon their old titles too, unbound by the limitations of early consoles, delivering experiences far deeper and more effective than before.

However, not every remaster honours or builds upon its source material with such success.

Some titles, while adequate, do not offer anything new, and their extra sheen can cause dated aspects to stand out further. Others end up as total botch jobs, charging players for titles so rife with technical issues and bad design choices, they end up hankering for the originals themselves - defeating the point of a "remaster" entirely.