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10 Things DC Fans Need To Know About Plastic Man

Plastic Man DC Comics
DC Comics

Although he debuted as early as 1941, Plastic Man is a relatively unknown character to modern audiences who are more likely to know about Reed Richards long before the name “Eel O’Brian” enters into discussion.

Despite this tendency, however, the character has a fascinating presence in comic books over the years as an unlikely hero with criminal beginnings, to a hilariously witty presence in a Justice League that occasionally takes itself far too seriously.

Even still, though, the character tends to be seen only in terms of his comedic appeal - which doesn’t offer much potential for possible character depth. Nevertheless, it would be a missed opportunity to not consider the potential he has as a character overall.

In the few instances where he was indeed given a chance to shine, Plastic Man demonstrates a character design that knows how to balance lightheartedness with qualities that are less so. Revealing, in turn, that not all comic book characters have to be solely defined by a sense of honor or tragedy...