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Fans of Iron Man have a strange relationship with plot twists. If, like a lot of fans, you have followed Tony Stark through his big screen adventures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you'll no doubt understand what we're talking about.

Just look at the ending twist of that first Iron Man film, way back in 2008, when Tony decided that secret identities were for losers. One of the oldest tropes in comic books was thrown out the window, paving the way for an exciting new breed of superhero and redefining how comic book movies could work.

A few movies later, in Iron Man 3, another controversial plot twist came along. It was revealed that the man we believed to be the Mandarin, Iron Man's nemesis, was actually an undercover actor working for a larger, shadier organisation. This twist was honestly unexpected and well earned, and it was revealed in a hilariously entertaining way. However, some Iron Fans felt that they had been robbed of an iconic villain, and the twist is still a hot topic for argument today.

The thing is, this kind of carry-on is nothing new for Iron Man. It has been going on within the comics for decades! If you think the twists and turns of the film series are crazy, ridiculous, or maybe even thrilling, just wait until you see the madness going on in the pages of Iron Man.