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Superheroes are meant to be a beacon of strength, a symbol of hope that shows they will overcome any obstacle. However, most comic book heroes have a distinctive weakness. Hulk's is his rage, Green Lantern's is the colour yellow, and the Fantastic Four's is terrible film adaptations. However, Superman has the most well-known superhero weakness, in Kryptonite.

Although this green metal usually has little effect on humans, the Last Son of Krypton says being exposed to it feels like his blood has been replaced with battery acid. If he is in its proximity for too long, he'll die from radiation poisoning.

Ironically, Supes' weakness originated from his own planet. After Krypton exploded, chunks of his former world blasted through the cosmos. When these rocks were exposed to radioactive materials in our solar system, they became lethal to Kryptonians.

Despite the fact that Kryptonite might be the most famous weakness in storytelling history save for Achille's heel, a lot of comic fans don't know much about it. Even die-hard readers may not know that there are over 20 versions of this Kryptonian mineral, or that Superman has used it to commit murder!